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by Claire

Hi, I was a part-time worker and was laid off in the end of August due to lack of business, and I'm collecting my UI since 9/5/09.

My job is not in demand right now in this area, especially, with my skill level without related degree. I applied for WIA in early Oct, hoping to get training in a different field related to health care. I finished all the paper works, but it takes forever to be processed!

Now is mid Dec. I happened to be offered to start 200 hour Yoga teacher training program starts in January (ending May) This is great because the training I was looking into from WIA provider list also includes YTT. Hours are Sat 2:30pm to 6:30pm, Sunday 10:30am to 12:30pm, 1:30pm to 5:30pm, Thursday 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Total hours per week is 10hrs. CTB won't apply for this January course. They also have intensive YTT in June 2010 (full-time).

My questions are:

1. Since it's the weekend/ evening course, am I able to take this training with my own expense and receive UI while I'm in a waiting line for WIA?

2. If they allow me to take those classes, do they stop UI after the YTT program is over? Do I need to give up WIA?

3. Do I need to request CTB extension eligibility now? My 16th week is 1/5/2010. I am not sure if WIA will let me get into trainig at this point. This is also the same question in case I give up WIA, and start YTT program in "JUNE" 2010.

If anyone has been through WIA program (I'm in N-California), will you give some advise what to expect and time flame, please??! I came up with this idea just because I can't waste my time anymore.... I wonder if there's anyone who filed WIA around the same time and received a call already?

Comments for CA-WIA or CTB?

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Dec 13, 2009
This might help
by: Anonymous


Dec 15, 2009
Just received approval
by: Claire

Thank you.
I will look through the site.

By the way, right after I posted this topic, they called me finally! I'm going to the meeting, and will ask the question.

Dec 16, 2009
CTB approval
by: Anonymous

I started school also. I started on my own only after reviewing all the codes on edd website, I concluded that I should not have a problem being approved unter 'Other Training' since my disability prevents me from performing my 'usual occupation'. The school I chose is on their 'approved list' so I'm hoping it will not be a problem. But, my interview was on 11/25/09 and still no notice or check. I called today and they said they have reached a desicion but could not tell me over the phone, I have to wait to get their's been 3 weeks since my interview...I can only hope that it's good news. Please keep us posted on any information or sucess on this program.

Dec 18, 2009
by: Claire

Hi, Anonymous

Wish you a good luck on getting a notice & check soon! Although I don't really know your situation in detail, it seems like (to me) you are just in a long waiting line... I was told @ both WIA and CTB orientation that the speed of processing is slowing down due to the large number of applicants in this economy. In fact, my WIA (not CTB) application was approved on 11/21, they said, but I received a call to show up on 12/14.

By the way, my description might have been confusing, so let me clear it out a little.

I applied WIA (not CTB) as soon as I've got laid off. It took a month to attend to the orientation, attended to all the workshops they required, filled out bunch of application forms, and another one and a half months to receive a call from WIA. Even at this point, I'm still not sure if I can receive their fund to get into training program. Not everyone can get to this conclusion. That's why I started thinking about CTB extension and going to school with my own cost. I haven't started any training, yet.

Do everbody know about CTB orientation? It's very helpful and clear many questions. I believe the beggiest One-stop career center in your county has this workshop on regular basis. (In my place, every Tuesday afternoon.) It won't harm you just to be there even if you are in WIA program already or in any situation. They will give you a guid book with good source. You can also put your inquiry on CTB extension. I wish I can post all the info here, but it's a booklet, so I suggest people to go to the CTB orientation.

As for WIA, I am still in a process.
I took several assesment tests to find my interest areas, top work values, basic skills, and clusters. (About 2 hours in total.) On the second day, I took English and Math skill tests. (About one hour?) Don't know the next steps, yet. Will try to keep posting if anyone interests.

Thanks Claire. It is very generous of you to share all your info!!


Dec 19, 2009
Received approval for CTB
by: Anonymous

I just received a phone call today from EDD saying that my check will be mailed on Monday so I should get it by Wednesday and that I have been approved for the CTB program!!! So happy! It did take a long time.(I started school 11/04/09) I had even called this week to find out the status and they said they would call me or I would be getting a notice in the mail. Claire's information is very helpful. I strongly suggest to be WELL informed to make sure you meet ALL the qualifications BEFORE you start any schooling. If you do not got through WIA and start school on your own, you will have your checks stopped until you get approval for CTB that can take up to 1 month or more...ouch! It worked out for me and I am very grateful.

Dec 20, 2009
by: Claire

Hi, Anonymous

I'm very glad that you will receive your check before Christmas.

Hi, Chris

Thank you. And it's my pleasure!

I agree with you, Anonymous.
In addition, people who are considering "school," please also inquire about CTB extension BEFORE you reach the 16th week of UI benefit. It will make things much simpler, I believe. And people who already passed the 16th week, please don't give it up, yet, and give a try. At CTB orientation, they said it may be (or may not be) approved. It all depends, but you might still have a chance to be approved.

And thanks! I will inform EDD if I don't get through WIA and start school on my own.

Wish you all a wonderful & peaceful holiday :-)

Jan 07, 2010
I did get my check and claim form
by: Anonymous

Well, I did get my check and claim form for 2 weeks WE 11/14/09 and WE 11/21/09. The check was for one week, because of the first week being a waiting period. I received it on 12/24/09 and the claim form said to mail it back on 12/24/09, the same day. Well the school was closed due to the holiday until 12/29/09 when I was able to get the instructor to sign the back. I mailed it out that same day. Also I answered NO to all the questions on the form including, "Did you look for work?" I was unsure of how to answer, but I figure I am EXEPMT on CTB program to look for work, well as of today, no check has been sent yet. I have been calling the automated system since Monday. I emailed yesterday explaining the above in case any of this is holding up the payment. I'm thinking now maybe I should have answered all the questions as though I am avaiblabe and looking for work so as to not throw off the system...another delay...oh well. I will attempt to call tomorrow, that will be the official 10 days they require before you we go again!

Jul 29, 2010
Life after CTB / school is finished
by: Cheryl

I'm in school under the CTB program and will be finished up and have my Certificate after completing this 2010 fall semester. Will I be eligible for UI at that point as I may not immediately find a job?

I would think so, if you have an existing claim with a balance. Isn't this something you could ask the state of CA about?

Jun 25, 2014
ctb program
by: nonymous

still awaiting on my final approval at sebeta ctb program.edd office.

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