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Chances of appeal


I have been receiving unemployment for quite some time now, but was recently denied because of failure to turn in a work search. I did search for work, I just didn't turn in the work search.

So, now I will probably have to have an appeal in order to receive benefits again.

What do you think the likelihood is of me having my benefits reinstated. Because I didn't fail to do the job search. i simply didn't turn in the records.

If I get them the records, am I likely I will be reinstated?


You asked me a question yesterday about this .. didn't you?

I don't know the likelihood. It's not an appeal that will involve an employer .. it is a claimant issue only. Your opposing party at the hearing is the state .. whatever state that may be.

You are the one that needs to let us know what happens by telling what you did and reporting on your outcome.

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