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Chances of recieving unemployment for car troubles?? (ILLINOIS)

by Gary
(Chicago IL)

I have a somewhat tricky situation. I have NOT been terminated from my position yet but I am preparing for the worse.

My transmission went out on my vehicle. I contacted my supervisor & let him know that I would need sometime off to get this taken care off in which I was granted a week long leave of absence. I was told if I did not return in this time frame I would have "voluntary resign"<---Which I will not sign.

Prior to my transmission going out, I forewarned my supervisor via email (documentation that I have) informing him of car troubles I was having & that it may cause me to miss time in the near future. I recieved no response from him.

In this email I let him know there was no public transportation that ran from my home to work, cab fare ONE WAY was $35 in which I informed him I could not afford everyday, no reliable rides to get to work & my credit was in no condition to take get a loan for a new vehicle. I also inquired if the company provided any ssistance for matters like this & was told they did not.

My quesion is...........

IF I am terminated for car/transportation issues that I could not resolve within the timeframe given by my employer, would this be considered "MISCONDUCT" on my part & hinder me from recieving unemployment benefits in the state of Illinois???

Why don't you check the Illinois unemployment insurance law handbook and start looking under voluntary quits .. because that is what it would be.

To your advantage .. did you present all that information to the employer .. so you will at least have something to argue that the quit was of the "involuntary kind".

Let me know what you find.

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