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Chances of winning an appeal in AZ?

by Megan

Boyfriend is appealing unemployment due to the fact that he was denied because he "left without good cause". Basically, he worked for a roofing company for 2 days and then the boss told him he needed a second form of ID by friday and if he didn't have one to not come back, he didn't have any money to take public transportation or a vehicle to go obtain one and had no SS card or BC so he never showed back up to the job. rep he spoke to on the phone stated that job was what they call a "ghost job". Employer stated that he didn't know how to climb off the roof and never showed back up to work. The company he worked for isn't even the one who is paying the unemployment, the job he had prior to that is. The only reason he was denied was because the "ghost job" had to put him on the payroll to give him the 2 days worth of pay but the company could never e-verify that he was actually who he say he was. Isn't it against the law for companies in AZ to not e-verify an employee? He has his telephone appeal at 10am and I was just curious what the odds are that he will win?

E-verify, I assume you're referring to new hire reporting. I also assume employers are required to extract from employees the required ID's or documentation that satisfies AZ's requirement for new hire reporting, but he quit .. and he quit for what I'm calling .. some pretty poor excuses I wouldn't be counting on for winning an unemployment hearing.

Ghost job .. I had to google it.

The definition of a ghost job that I read is the same as for what I call stop gap employment.

Meaning it's any job you can find that basically will help you make ends meet.

For me .. this opens wide up an argument that the quit was because once there .. you found the work was not suitable to your prior experience, training, pay, or whatever .. in other words .. you took it out of desperation.

Take from this .. what you will.

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