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Childcare licensing in state of Arkansas....Fired, can I get unemployment?

by Shannon
(Fayetteville, AR)

Hi, I live in Arkansas. I recently took a preschool job and filled out all the necessary paperwork, including an application and a criminal background check. On the application, it listed several things that would bar a person from working in a licensed daycare, such as incest, murder, violence towards children, etc. I was asked if I had been convicted of any of these (which I had not) and said so on my application.

Just a week ago, my records came back from the dept of human services and I was summarily fired/dismissed. Unbeknownst to me or even the director of the preschool, there had been 15-20 ammendements/changes made to the minimum licensing requirements, way back in Sept 2009 to include petty misdemeanor crimes, such as shoplifting, which I *had* been convicted of, back in 2007.

When I filled out the application, shoplifting/theft of property was no where on it. The director even looked in what she thought was a current copy of licensing (from 2006) and it was not listed. She had to call DHS to confirm that changes HAD been made but they were slow getting them out to all the centers.

I quit a part-time job and unemployment to take this job, on good faith. I worked there for a full month before anything came back. I immediately went and re-opened my claim and gave all reasons why I was let go.

It just shows that a decision is still pending on my claim. Do I have a chance? The director even said she would hire me back in a heartbeat in 2 years, and was very sorry to see me go. She even said she would give me a reference.

Thanks for listening,

I would fight a denial .. I know that much.

I suspect it's still pending because they may be having trouble deciding who to blame for the loss of your job .. since Arkansas doesn't seem to have a provision which creates good cause for quitting to accept a better job.

Clearly, the discharge was not for misconduct, but caused by the ineptitude of the government itself.

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