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Chris Is My New Hero! We Won!

by Love Teaching
(Southeast, USA)

If you are experiencing trouble with Unemployment Insurance in any way, I suggest you contact Chris right away. She can and wants to help you!

In my case, the employer denied my request for UI, and I was very nervous about how to handle the Appeal. Talking with Chris, really minutes before the Appeal Hearing call was to start, gave me the kind of confidence and support I needed to understand the legal stuff behind Denials and Appeals. Because of my timing, it was a crash-course, but it help me make it through.

Moreover, the Employer didn't even participate on the Appeals call! At any rate, their Denial was reversed. Haven't heard anything from the Employer yet-so far, so good! In fact, Chris is pretty sure the Employer will NOT try to reverse the reversal, as they were a no-show for the Hearing. They would have to "show cause" for not appearing at the first Hearing, so there's an excellent chance that they won't bother. I'll update if they do.

Thank goodness for people like Chris who still believe in helping the underdog. Where would we be without them?

In the Southeast,
Thanks, Chris!!

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