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Chris is the best and led us in the right direction

by Susan Oneill
(Bradenton, FL)

This is the second time I have consulted Chris and she has been once again a life-saver. My husband received his unemployment benefits a year ago due to absenteeism which was the result of a chronic medical condition. But thanks to Chris and her wonderful advice, we were prepared with the right documents and information and he was awarded his benefits. I have never had anybody so sincere or genuine through a website. This week, my husband's one year was up and he was being re-evaluated, in the State of Florida this is quite a big deal now. He received a phone call from an unemployment office adjudicator who was rude and nasty and didn't explain any of the reasons why he was being called and reviewed. In addition, her questions were all related to his separation from employment a year ago, which now finding out after talking to Chris, is totally irrelevant. He is being terminated his benefits this week, we got no check as we thought and there is no money and there is no reason for this other than they decided a year ago that his misconduct made him ineligible. I was trying to email Chris and I have been frantic with worry and Chris called me today. She is such a sincere and concerned person who genuinely cares about "us" as people. She was kind enough to lend some insight to our situation and now we have a more positive feeling about proceeding with an appeal. There should be more websites like this one and more people who truly care about "us". Thank you again, Chris, for your time and your advice that is worth more to us than we could ever re-pay. You have a great gift and that is caring for others who are in need and you don't try to take advantage. Your reward is simply knowing that you helped and that is indeed a huge thing is this crazy world of our's today. I will let you know how things go and I might even have to call on you again. You are the greatest. Susan O. in Florida

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by: DS

I also was truly blessed to have found and spoken to Chris via this website. If it weren't for her and the info provided on this site I wouldn't have had the confidence to proceed through an appeal and win. Thank you Chris!

:)) You're very welcome DS ..

It's too bad we have to watch our privacy online .. because DS, you've got one of the coolest names which, by the way, is now one of my most favorite names ever:))

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