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Class action lawsuit - is it good cause for ui

I worked for a corp for about 6 yrs. I was putting 15% pay in company stock. The CEO/CFO lied about the company numbers and once the shareholders found out, the corp went bankrupt. It took six weeks for employees to get their stock certificates. I felt robbed.

I didn't quit immediately; I couldn't afford to. I stayed long enough to help shut down my plant and consolidate to another plant close by. I was also assigned a project to eliminate a single mother's job. My boss offered my whole department a severence package, but then said he had the right to refuse key people. He also told us to take any questions to HR. When I went to HR, she didn't want me in her office, because she was told by my boss to report anyone with severence questions back to my boss.

The only thing I can prove is the class action lawsuit and the plant shutdown.

Do I have a case for UI? If so, which of the above details should I focus?

Tell me why you quit. If you were offered a severance .. I'm assuming it was for some sort of layoff, but you quit .. and I'm not sure why.

Class action implies the employer did something illegal .. but you didn't mention whether it was settled or pending.

Plant shutdown would mean a layoff, but you quit .. why?

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