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clocking in late even though the time clock didnt work?

by Gina
(tulsa, ok)

I did get a notice from the employer because I was late. The supervisor had advised me that I cannot be late anymore for the next 12 months. Well 2 weeks later I was discharged by the employer because they state I was late two times. The first time, my timeclock on my computer would not come up. I had used my coworkers time clock on her computer, and it caused me to clock in at 8:04 when I was suppose to clock in at 8am. I was at my desk working at 8am, but the time clock didnt work, and this is not the 1st time it has done that.

The 2nd time they advised I was late, I had training that day. Again, I went to my computer at 8am to clock in, but the supervisor of training came to my desk before the computer could even boot, so I did not log in at my computer. The training room was on the other side of the building. (this is an old walmart building) When we reached the training room, I had to log into that computer to log in, therfore, it showed up as me clocking in at 8:07.

Hi Gina,

All you can do is tell the truth and let the state make a determination. If they deny benefits you can appeal and offer your explanations as to why the termination wasn't your fault..... You've stated here it was due to an unreliable timekeeping system.

Of course it would be very helpful if you could back this up with testimony from someone else who works there. You could actually subpoena them if they aren't willing to appear freely.

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