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Collect PA Unemployment but moved to CT?

by Brit
(New London, CT)

I've been on unemployment for a year, then my husband joined the navy and moved me to Connecticut, I'm still collecting unemployment and it has my address as my home address in Pennsylvania still because that is my residency. Now i'm being told that I must join PA Careerlink, however i'm living in CT, so I've been filling out applications here in CT and sending them to PA Unemployment. Am I in the wrong? Is all this legal?

You should have changed your address when you moved with your husband.

And you still need to because if you've been collecting unemployment for a year .. you're collecting extensions and if I'm not mistaken .. there's some special requirements now to go along with that .. including proving a job search.

Whether collecting from PA or not .. you'll need to register and participate with the equivalent of a PA careerlink in CT.

States call these offices different names. Doesn't matter, they are federally funded re-employment centers and mandated to exist by federal law. It's also required that all unemployment recipients be register at one of these offices.

When someone moves from a state from where the benefits come from .. they are still supposed to change their address. They would then receive instructions or notice the instruction in a claimant benefit handbook that they will have to re-register in the new state.

I have no idea if what you've done is illegal .. but it would make me nervous .. because in effect what you're doing every time you file your claim is certifying that you are able, available to accept work and looking for work in PA.

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