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Collect while waiting for Social Security Disability Insurance?

by Sharon


I am currently receiving unemployment benefits in Indiana. I am considering applying for permanent disability. Because of a bad back I can no longer do the position of which my career has been based on. I am finding it hard to find a suitable job.

If I apply for permanent disability with SS, can I continue to receive my unemployment benefits while waiting for the decision? Otherwise, how would I support myself?

Hi Sharon,

The question Social Security Disability Insurance and Unemployment benefits is valid.

UI Benefits require us to be able and available for suitable work .. and I suppose one might think that applying .. or even receiving Social Security Disability Insurance might interfere with UI benefits because you must be able and available for suitable work.

So, can physical limitations which would qualify for SSDI have an effect of being disqualified for UI for not being able and available for work?

I'd would argue any denial based on an A&A issue with regard to medically documented physical limitations which do not preclude us from working, but only address the limitations of the work. Many people with disabilities do work for a living after all.

Your responsibility to keep getting benefits is to look for any suitable work that conforms to your medically verifiable physical limitations.

And besides, getting disability isn't that easy and there's a good chance you will have exhausted UI benefits by the time you do get them.

To summarize, collecting SSDI is not in and of itself disqualifying if you are able and available for some type of suitable work which meets the needs of your physical limitation.

What about those that collect SSDI and UI benefits simultaneously?

You have to check on whether your state reduces UI benefits or not. This can be done by either checking the statutes of the state or checking out Table 5-17 in the USDCOL's Non-monetary chartbook.

I think the real issue for you is getting the SSDI. If one thinks getting unemployment is difficult .. eh-hem .. I think the need for looking into how to appeal a denial of SSDI might be wise too.

Lawyers like to help with that type of appeal.

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