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Collecting in CO, living in ID. Want to get by Bachelors

by bob

I got laid off while living in CO, had moved to ID. I want to go to school. I have 2 semesters left to finish my degree. How many credits can I take and still collect benefits? What happens if I don't ever say I'm attending school?

Hi Bob,

That's a good question:) Will they know if you don't tell them?

It is never a matter of how many credits .. it is always a matter of being able and available for full-time suitable work and looking for it and unless you are receiving training benefits Work trumps School even in the most lenient of states.

Tell me this, after you moved to Idaho, were you required to register for work in Idaho?

Colorado has some fairly stringent work search requirements .. I believe you must keep records that prove you applied for at least seven jobs per week .. Going to school while collecting is not prohibited, but it CANNOT interfere with your ability to accept or look for suitable work.

Idaho, on the other hand says you must be in approved training to collect and go to school at the same time. (This might now be different due to some ETA advisory letters "urging" states to loosen up their requirements so people can attend school).

But given that you are still an under-graduate you might qualify for approved training benefits, so this is also something to look into.

I think these are the things you should consider no matter what you decide to do and I also suggest you call Colorado to find out which state law now applies to you since you are living in ID.

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