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Collecting Michigan unemployment but living in Indiana and schooling in Indiana

by Jeannie

Good morning! I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I was laid off in Jan. 2009 and have been looking for work to no avail. I have decided to go back to school to add to my Bachelor degree. ( I want to add a concentration since my degree is business general )

My question is: Do I report to Michigan for my unemployment and then call Indiana unemployment to get approved for training to still receive benefits?

Thank you!

Hi Jeannie,

Good question. Let me ask you one. Were you required to register for work through the Indiana employment office or the Michigan employment office?

Sometimes I need help resolving how an issue might work, because any expertise I have is basically related to how you might counteract arguments to deny benefits for "job separations",

So, I always ask whomever is asking me, to help me out by making some calls .. but hardly ever does anyone update me:)

What I know, is that generally, if someone is collecting benefits from one state but has moved to another .. or in your case you might have just worked in MI .. the state you live in is where you may be required to register for work and conform to that states work search requirements. These same offices also offer the options for schools and training benefits.

This is usually true for interstate claims and when someone moves to
another state and changes their address.

What I don't know is which state law controls the "collecting benefits while attending school issue" that can always rear it's ugly head if you don't cross all the T's and dot all the i's.

Indiana's stance about collecting while attending school that is not state approved for training benefits is:

No, provided school attendance
does not interfere with availability
to accept work, and the student is
actively seeking work.

Michigan says:

Yes, ineligible unless student
agrees to quit school/change class
schedule to accept work; or in
approved training.

I hope you now understand why I think it's important to know which state law is controlling this issue in case you aren't approved for training benefits.

Clearing this up would be my first step.

I'm doubtful you can get "training benefits" for any type of graduate school .. but maybe for some lofty certifications to pudge up your bachelors.

The only way I know to get these answers is to call the state. In your case .. I'd start with Michigan since they are the liable state for benefits. Additionally, I'd document who I spoke with and what they said .. for future reference if needed.

But in case you haven't noticed .. I worry about things and I see potential for problems almost EVERYWHERE I LOOK.

One more question .. Is Indiana acting as the agent state for Michigan? The claim could be transferred to Indiana .. I believe.

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