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Collecting UI from CA, may move to N. Carolina

(Los Angeles, CA)

Hi Chris,

I read the answer to the question from the lady moving from CA to Nevada to get married and her concern about collecting in another state.

I understood about the change of address, but I did see this on EDD's web site about relocation, in the "Able and Available" page, Section D:

I am confused as to what a person is to do while in the middle of moving, particularly if it is across the country. Something I am contemplating.

I guess once a person is settled, the claim form is sent back with the change of address, so the EDD would likely contact the claimant and ask questions then.

I tried to find out what happens on N. Carolina's end, i.e., transferring the claim from CA or not transferring the claim, etc., but could not get an answer.

Thank you.


Your benefits would still be coming from CA as far as I know.

It's your address that's changing not the state liable for paying your benefits .. and I'm not sure what you are talking about when you ask what to do in the middle of moving.

You're moving. You aren't able and available to go to work .. so why do anything except move.

I will say that when you do arrive in NC .. the first thing I'd do is register with the NCES for work in NC and ask them which state's job search requirements you must comply with now.

If it's NC's .. find out how or if they vary from California.

You do bring up a good point though that gets some into trouble.

They answer yes to the "were you able and available for work in the week ending **/**/**** which is also the week of the move.

When the state notices the date the change of address was made it raises a flag .. and the next thing you know you're answering questions about why you misrepresented your A&A for that week.

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