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Collecting unemployement in Florida. If I go abroad and file for continued benefits, will it cause a problem?

by anonymous

I'm actually collecting unemployment now just received my first check, but my question is this, If I travel abroad ,im not going for vacation, I have family abroad and an uncle has fallen ill, so I may be gone for some time maybe 1 month ,could it be a problem if i apply for my benefits online in the country i'm in

Hi Anonymous,

Oh my. Yes .. definitely. You will not be able and available for work, nor will you be able to conduct a job search as required by the state of Florida .. or any other state for that matter.

Not able and available translates to no benefits.

If you're asking me if the State of Florida can track the location of the ISP where you filed your claim from .. I don't know, but I suspect so, even little old me can do that here on this website.

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overseas travel and unemployement
by: Anonymous

what if you travel overseas specifically for job interviews abroad, does that kick you out of being eligibe for unemployment compensation?

Not sure about all states, but I know I've read a decision that said because the individual was searching for work that would not be considered "covered employment" he/she was found ineligble.

Other decisions the raised the A&A issue for searching for work in different localities .. such as a different state, required proof of the job interviews and one, a NY decision denied benefits for refusal to divulge details about such a search.

As far as I know, Florida doesn't have any formal locality provision, but they are adding and amending unemployment laws faster than I can keep up with .. and they certainly don't have anything approaching an unemployment precedent manual which I could direct you to for more information.

Additionally, I do know that other states absolutely will consider the travel time and the amount of time spent in a different locality and query whether that alone made you not able and available to accept a local job in any given week.

But I also know that there are a ton of American companies "covered employment" operating in other parts of the world .. in fact I just read recently that 1/3 of all employees of American companies are now based overseas ..

My point .. it is safe to say that precedent unemployment decisions made in the 1940's and 50's have little to do with the new reality of finding employment in 2011.

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