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collecting unemployment benefits and social security

by Larry J. Copenhaver

I have friend that was laid off from his job, he is collecting unemployment benefits, but he also decided to retire and is collecting social security. He is from Indiana, can he collect both?

Hi Larry,

This is a great basic question and actually raises to issues.

Let's start with whether a person can collecd SSI and unemployment benefits.

When anyone asks this question the source I use to check for any state is the the Nonmonetary eligibility chartbook Table 5-17 It's a state by state listing of whether Social Security is considered deductible income with regard to unemployment benefits.

The other issue is a matter of whether your friend is able, available and actively seeking work. This is a requirement for unemployment benefits, so if he is removing himself from the labor market because he's decided to retire .. this could potentially disqualify him from receiving benefits. It's a catch-22, but just because someone is on SSI doesn't mean they aren't looking for work .. now does it?

Just thought everyone should be aware that even if a job separation is qualifying, like in the case of a layoff, there are any number of circumstances we may not be aware of that we can unknowingly "self-disqualify ourselves.

Thanks for the question Larry. It was a good one.


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