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Collecting Unemployment from California. Moving to Florida. Any problems to worry about?

by Kay
(Riverside, CA)

I am presently collecting unemployment in California. I have exhausted the first 6months and on my second 6mts at the moment. Thinking of moving to Jacksonville, Fl. Will i run into any issues collecting my unemployment if i move?

I don't believe you should have problems if you follow California's procedure for changing your address and you don't try to tell them you are able and available for work while you're moving .. they do make an issue of this. You will also probably have to register for work in Florida.

What people really need to look out for when moving from one state to another are "locality provisions". Some states will even rely on labor market information from your destination state to make sure you have the possibility of finding work in the new locality.

Fortunately, California isn't one of these states.

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