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Colorado: Boss just gave me a week suspension will I get UI?

by David
(Pueblo, Colorado)

Ok so I have worked for this company for 6 months I recently had my appendix removed, and had to miss 3 days of work.

Unable to call in, I came back to work and my boss gave me a write up for missing work, and if I got any other attendance hits in 90 days I would be separated from the company.

Well, a month later and I missed a day of work due to computer problems. I work from home on my own personal equipment for this company. After fixing the problem with my pc and being able to return to work, my boss says not to return tomorrow, we would need to talk.

I show up the next day, he gives me a week suspension instead of firing me, saying I "will likely have further disciplinary action when I return".

I know he is going to fire me or leave me hanging for a few weeks because he has done this to my coworkers.

If I quit now and start looking for a job will I still be illegible for UI?

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Mar 11, 2016
Man oh man .. What's with questions that muddle quitting, when you think you're going to get fired?
by: Chris -

Here's the burden an employer must prove to fire a person, so they don't collect benefits.

Here's what employees have to prove when they quit to collect benefits.

If you think you would be found guilty of work related misconduct, or just don't know if you can rebut why you aren't guilty, why in the world would you think their might be a possibility to quit with good cause and prove it as being attributable to your employer?

I'm sure you must have some sort of evidence of a hospital stay for a removed appendix for those three day, or possibly some sort of proof, like a receipt to fix a personal pc problem, before you could get back to work that other day ..

Don't you?

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