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Commission Only Job Can I receive Benefits when I receive to pay?

by Phil
(San Rafael, CA)

I have recently started a all commission based job as a loan officer in CA. I have been receiving benefits for unemployment. So far I have not earned a commission so I have not been paid. Can I still receive benefits for the weeks that I have not been paid for? Do I check the box number 6 Did you work or earn money whether you were paid or not? Yes or No? Once I do get paid, can I still receive unemployment after the first paycheck? I may only get paid once in 2 months. It all depends on how many borrowers go through with their loan. I was told at the EDD local office, but I want to make sure, that I can receive EDD again the next week as long as I did not get paid. Will the second extension be honored with this type of work?

Hi Phil,

How about you tell me how many hours a week you are working as a loan officer?

I think this is important .. considering that you can't receive benefits .. even a partial benefit if you are working full-time.

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Dec 16, 2015
Federal law must be paid at least min wage
by: Anonymous

Technically if you work a commission based job in the us and make less commision income then you would have made getting paid you hours worked times minimum wage then they have to at least under federal law make up what you didn't make no one who works legally should make less then minimum wage if comission pay is less the company should acount to match minimum wage if commission is more they do nothing

Jun 01, 2013
Unemployment and Commission only.
by: Anonymous

If I am receiving unemployment and take on a part time commission based job, will I still be able to collect benefits?

I know I have to still be available for full-time work and any commissions i earn for that week will have to be reported.

Question is, if my commissions are zero and I work less than full-time, shouldnt i be entitled to my full benefit amount, since there are no wages to deduct from benefit amount?

Example: i receive a $300 UI benefit per week and earned zero income from my part time commission job,; should I still get $300?

If i earned $100, then i would only receive $200 from UI benefits...

Any thoughts?

My only thought is to make certain you report the commissions earned in the week you earn them .. not when you get paid, otherwise it will look as if you might be failing to report wages as instructed.

Oct 21, 2011
Part time with commission.
by: Anonymous

I am working part time -15 hours a week and am receiving UI. I also am making commission per month. My question is... Do I need to be adding my commission amounts?


May 24, 2010
Commision only
by: Anonymous

Can i collect unemployment if i have taken a job as an account executive in the mortgage industry. I am 100% commission and will not get paid for about 2 months while i build up my pipeline. I work from home and work about 40 hours a week but do not get compensated for the hours worked. I also have to travel to different clients during the day.

Hi Anonymous,

No you shouldn't be filing for unemployment while you build up your pipeline.

You stated that you work 40 hours a week .. which makes ineligible because you are employed full-time.

It's not that you probably couldn't get away with it for a while, but when an employer hire someone as an employee they are required to "report new hires".

When they catch up with those that do commit this kind of fraud .. even unknowingly .. trouble will follow.

It's not worth it ..

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