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Company bought out and temp agencys automatically switched

by Jordan
(San bernardino,ca,usa)

So worked for large company through a temp agency for about 6 months total . The company was bought out and durning the process the new company chose to use a different agency. So now all info was switched over and was with new agency for about 2 months until laid off due to lack of work because company was moving business out of state. So I was with first agency 4 months and seconds agency 2 months and want to collect uib but was denied due to last employer was only with them 2 months.. can I appeal ?


This isn't a mstter of whether you can appeal .. this is a matter of .. if you don't appeal, I'll think you didn't read anything else I wrote here on

Your employer was the temp agency and since I don't know what they told the EDD .. I can't say anymore .. and before you ask .. yes, the EDD would of contacted them.

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