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Company fired me but put it down that I resigned can I still get benefits?

by Christopher

It was a work from home job and after some months they decided to let me go because their system did not respond well with my internet service provider (another employee with the same ISP got the same thing). They called and told me I was being let go because of this. They gave me no option to stay or continue working for them in any form. They told me that since I didn't do anything wrong and it was not my fault they would put it down that I resigned and if I ever got another ISP I could apply again. A friend told me that since they put it down that I resigned I would not get unemployment, is this true? I live in Virginia.

Are you kidding me. You did nothing at the time to document the real circumstances?

You and the other employee need to write statements for each other and if necessary be witnesses for each other.

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