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Company in bankruptcy - Work overload-unbearable stress-Can I collect unemployment in New York?

by Anonymous
(New York)

The medical practice I work for recently filed bankruptcy and has consolidated 3 offices into one. They let go of some people and the workload and stress is unbearable. I am a salaried employee which means I get the same amount of pay weekly. I have time sheets which prove that there were weeks I didn't even take a lunch and worked over my regular hours.

I am quitting my job tomorrow. I would rather walk on hot coals, lay on a bed of nails and go through Chinese water torture than to go back to that office. Can I collect unemployment in NY???

Hi Anonymous,

I cannot say for sure. Not because people don't get unemployment in your situation, but because there is really no consistency in whether you will initially be awarded benefits.

In either case, this is the type of separation that frequently progresses to an unemployment hearing.

Your focus should be the change in conditions of employment and your attempts to resolve the situation with the employer. I'm assuming you've spoken, written, or emailed your concerns to your employer.

I wish I knew your name.

I think it would be of great value to anyone else in a similar situation to know how everything goes for you. You could update us by just clicking on the comment link on this page.

By the way, the best way to deal with your issue of stress and getting unemployment is to have a doctor's note stating that they recommend quitting:-)



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