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Company moving 37 miles away can I collect unemployment?

(Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits)

I have been with this company for more then 7 years and in the last 4 years I have not received a raise. On top of that my company currently got purchased by another company and are moving my office an additional 37 miles 1 way. I currently live 1/2 mile from work and I would then have to increase my travel time to 45 minutes to an hour 1 way and I have a child in daycare which would increase my daycare expense too and the company is not giving any raises to the people that will be traveling more to help offset the costs. If I quit will I be able to collect unemployment?


It's more than just the change in distance to work that Wisconsin will consider, but you do have that possibility to collect .. you just have to understand what they do consider.

Wisconsin is also big on using actual labor statistics for determining what is suitable work for an individual.

If you were to quit .. The issues involved which would need to be determined are whether the voluntary leaving was with good cause because your work was no longer suitable work after the move.

The childcare issue is what I found most interesting. And I'm know for a fact the cost of living has gone up in the last four years .. so economic feasibility might also be a factor to look for in all these WI unemployment decisions relating to distance to work, transportation and travel.

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