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Company Moving

by John
(Corte Madera, Ca., USA)


My company plans to move.

But the location has not been defined yet. Once they move - how many miles away am I required to go with them? How many miles do they have to move for me to be eligible for unemployment insurance?


Hi John,

Well first, don't start drawing lines in the sand as far as distance .. because in California the decision considers a lot of things on an individual basis .. it would be to easy if they just gave you a cut off mileage distance .. but that also has the potential to be unfair ..

It wouldn't be hard to imagine two employees working for the same company, living two block apart getting two different decision.

Travel: Time, Distance and Cost Factors

What is not in doubt is that it is the employer making a change to the employment, but to quit .. you will need to read the information to know what you are expected to consider to fulfill your burden if you do quit. And it's important to understand that the employer is moving and this might cause the job to become unsuitable.

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