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company policy - leaving the back door


I have worked as a manager for this company for 14 years. Never been documented and always recieved good reviews. We sign an agreement every year stating that when we open the back door - we will not go more that a hands length away. I reently transfered to a new location. At this location I had several conflicts with one of the other managers. He told my director that he saw me standing a few feet away from the door. He then suspended me and now I've been fired. He claims to have statements from others that say I was a few feet from the door. I deny all this. Can I still fight for unemployment???

Hi John,

Not sure what you do or where you work, but I would question the reasonableness of the rule and the fact that after fourteen years you're fired for one occurrence.

They can do it if they want .. but they have to convince the state that this one time alledgedly witnessed occurrence was misconduct because it did or had potential to "harm the employers interest".

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