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Compelling enough reason to get unemployment?

by Lisa
(Pleasanton, California)

Here is my question:

I used to work 5 miles from where I live, and then the group got moved to another facility, which is now 40 miles from where I live... I work EST hours in a PST zone, so I now wake up at 4:30 AM to be at work by 6:00 AM...

This move took place in Dec. 2009, so I have been doing the drive for 2 months now, and just do not have the energy to do this any longer. I drive 45 miles one way every day to get to work by 6 AM and the 45 miles back.

Do you think if I quit, I will get unemployment for this reason? The commute is too much and it was not my choice to move facilities, but rather the firms choice...

I work in the state of CA.

Thanks in Advance...

Hi Lisa,

Well irregardless of whether they will think it's good cause or not .. it you stay much longer .. staying may begin to appear as an acceptance of the distance.

I'm not sure who told me this or how it got into my head, but I use to think that if an employer moved the place of business and an employee quit because of the added distance .. the line drawn in the sand was 60 miles .. but the California determination guide implies that a number of factors are considered .. such as time, distance, cost and the commute .. so there goes the line.

But I do have a suggestion for you to try and I've done this many, many times for myself ..

When I had a question such as yours .. I might call an appeal office or even an "appeal board" office. In your case .. I would call the board office.

Tell them what you are wanting to know and ask if they can shed some light .. by either just telling you or suggesting some relative precedent decisions for you to read. They may tell you they can't give legal advice .. well neither can I, but I will tell you where to try to find information. There's a difference.

I noticed they now have a lovely video on "how to prepare for a hearing" .. to bad they don't tell you that it might be a good idea to take a crash course first in "how to represent yourself just like you were a lawyer".

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Feb 11, 2010
by: Lisa

Thank you. I will give it a try. I have added costs associated with the drive, I spend around 600 a month on gas plus the bridge tolls, which are $4 a day, and they did not give me any sort of pay raise for this move..

But thanks again, I will try your suggestions.

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