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complaints, illness, and tardiness? California....

by Brandy

I worked with individuals with disabilities (in the home, not in an office), and I am always late (because I have poor time management skills, traffic, and my car decided to kick the bucket), and then I was taken off two cases because the parents complained about my tardiness and because I was sick and had to miss sessions (after their kid threw up on me), and I traveled all over the county (clocking 80 miles a day!) and sometimes there's traffic and I cannot avoid it.

I received some kind of verbal warning (supervisor telling me I need to be more timely, because a parent complained) in October, and again in December. When my car died and I caught the death flu, I didn't have any complaints, and made up all the time for the cases I had, but they still took me off the cases. I was told when I was "discharged" that most of my cases loved me, and didn't want to see me go. After having those cases taken away and feeling like a huge disappointment to the company I was happy to receive my last check but now that I'm trying to find something new (and different, no vomit or people's dirty houses), it's taking longer than expected. I bought a new car for this job, because the one before it was unreliable, and I have other bills to pay... do you think I'll get some kind of unemployment?

Hi Brandy,

Have you been fired?

If you were what was the final incident that prompted the termination?

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