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Concerned for employees

by Whitney

An employee that works for my fathers' company is getting ready to be layed off and although this is her primary job and support, she teaches a class for which she is paid a small fee. This I guess would be her part-time job. Can she collect unemployment benefits in Indiana? We discussed this today and I was not sure. Can you please help?

Hi Whitney,

Yes, I think she would be able to collect unemployment, but the class and money she receives may create the effect of receiving a partial amount of her weekly benefit amount.

Anyone at all .. including concerned employers can check the formula used in their state for calculating partial unemployment benefits.

Current year - Monetary Entitlement - Table 3-8

Most states disregard any earnings from part-time work in a week they are claiming benefits. In Indiana it is the greater of $3 or 1/5 of their weekly benefit amount established for "total unemployment".

So in other words if this class pay an amount of 1/5 or less her WBA it will have no effect, but if it is more .. the excess would reduce the WBA dollar for dollar.

But the table also qualifies this information as saying "from other than base period employers.

So I would question whether the money earned from this class will be in her base period.

By the way, that same table has the formulas for estimating the weekly benefit amount.

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