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by brett
(sacramento ca)

i was approved for unemployment then i was denied after the telephone interview, then a week or so later i got a unemployment check and it was mailed to me after they made the decision, whats going on here. am i approved or what?

You'd better call the department to make sure what the final determination is before you spend the money.

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Jan 31, 2010
by: brett

i already cashed it :O. they took out the cash aid that i had to pay back also, my case worker told me(before i was denied or approved) that if i got unemployment, it would be tooken off my first check and it was took off. the check came to me 6 days after the decision on the telephone interview.


Check the "mailed date" on both the determinations and while your at it dhecdk if each is for the same issue.

It's difficult for me to diagnose what a problem might be without seeing the paperwork.

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