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contingency to hire full time. San Diego Ca.

by Tom
(San Diego Ca.)

I was laid off from my job of 7 years on April 28,2009 and collected unemployment for 4.5 months until I was hired with a contingency to go full time. I receive no benefits but they take out taxes from my paycheck. My question is if they don't hire me on full time how long will my unemployment benefits be available from my previous employer. Can I actually lose unemployment benefits if I stay on as a temp after 1 year?

Hi Tom,

I assume you work part-time and receive partial benefits. I would also assume that if you are not full-time by the time your claim expires that you would be eligible to either get extension benefits .. if there are any or you would have enough subsequent wages to at least establish another benefit year and continue collecting partial benefits.

Everyone talks about benefits from former employers, but benefits are based on the employment in your base period

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