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Contract work

I live in California and I'd like to know when I'm hired thru an agency for only a 6 months of contract work and after my contract is done, can I apply for unemployment and will I be accepted?


I can't answer that. You should understand that if you go to work through a "temp agency" you become the employee of the temp agency.

If they do not have another job for you it would be a lack of work claim, but temp agencies do not just tend to lie down and pay unemployment due to "lack of work claims" they offer additional assignments, but not all those assignment they offer may be "suitable" to you .. so you refuse the assignment.

This sets up the possibility for a protest to your claim if you refuse a new assignment. Some states, although not California, actually have special provision for which have additional requirements to meet.

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Nov 20, 2009
Interview after applying for the UI in CA
by: Anonymous

Why are interviews set up right after someone applyes for UI. Same questions are re-asked by the interviewer what have been recorded for UI. No changes or corrections had to been made after the interview. This way the UI is delayed. What is the real purpose of it all.

The purpose of the interview is to resolve issues that may exist after the employer was notified of the claim and responded to the claim. It's just the EDD's procedure and in fact it's the same basic procedure in all states .. apply, tell your story, wait for employer to tell their story, resolve the differences based upon the available information, then make determination, wait for possible appeal, wait for hearing to be scheduled, wait for hearing to take place, wait for hearing decision and then wait more .. in case someone appeals that decision.

It's the typical governmental red tape.

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