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by Sleepless in IL

Hi, I took a job 2 years ago in WV as a contractor for a small company. My wife was going to move there too, but she decided later that she felt more secure with her current position. I was a commuter basically the whole time. Working 16 days straight and taking 14 days off. However, I was driving 610 miles each way. So, that ate up 2 more days. Around the Jan 09 timeframe, I tried to go to a 32 days on and 28 days off schedule. I was working basically 11 and 12 hours days to get the required hours for the month. Killing myself basically and missing out on our only daughter growing up - she is a big 2 now... I started to have liver issues. Also, all the work was on a computer screen. Therefore, causing headaches... This week I asked the company to end my contract. My wages are paid out of Virginia. I was told I have a 50/50 of getting unemployment - totally depending on an adjucation outcome. Please advise...

Hi Sleepless,

Who told you 50/50? I really don't like bursting anyone's bubble, but I don't think it sounds that good for you.

You didn't mention seeking any possible alternatives prior to quitting. That's not good and you mentioned no medical documentation from a physician advising you to quit because of the headaches or liver issues. Do you have that?

Your reasons seem to be primarily personal reasons. Although they are totally understandable and personally compelling reasons .. they are not attributable to the work and WV requires that unless a provision says otherwise.

If you're thinking .. wait a minute .. it is because of the job .. Let me just say that the fact you were fully aware of the conditions for the last two years, sorta squashes that argument.

But I am going to refer you to the 2009 Nonmonetary Eligibility Chart - Table 5-2.

You'll notice that WV applies their VQ disqualification for those that voluntarily quit to perform Marital, Domestic, or Filial obligations.

WV's disqualification for voluntary quitting is fairly mild compared to other states. It means that if you get a job in Illinois that doesn't work out and it is found to be not your fault for the separation, then you can collect benefits based on your WV wages if you worked in the new job for at least 30 days.


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Jun 25, 2009
Part II
by: Anonymous


The wages were paid for the location of the company - Virginia, not my work location. Sorry, that was hind in my original email. Yes, most of the reasons are personal. I do have the medical records that document the raised enzyme levels in my liver.

The gentlemen that I spoke with at the IL unemployment office stated there was a 50/50 chance depending on the appeal process. I donno, I have never collected unemployment before...

Virginia allow benefits for quitting due to medical reasons if advised to do so by a doctor.

The medical reasons are the only thing I think they might allow benefits for in your case.

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