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Contributing a hostile and unproductive work environment

by Nancy

First is a copy of the Write-up and then my Reaction:

Corrective Action Record -
Date of Incident: ongoing

Type of Violation: Nancy has contributed to and helped create a hostile and unproductive work environment in the Crisis Center in which she works. In addition, she has exhibited a pattern of intimidating behavior, communication which is unacceptable in the workplace, and conduct which is detrimental in relationships with peers and agency leadership. This behavior is not representative of the mission and philosophy of LSSNWO.

Supervisor's Statement of Violation: In recent months, several situations have presented themselves which have resulted in employees requesting transfer of positions and/or location, as well as requiring the scheduling of additional meetings which range from mediated conversations up to investigation of harassment and discrimination claims. In these conversations, it has been communicated that input and conversation with Nancy has prompted behavior and beliefs which have contributed to a hostile environment and damaged relationships.
-Nancy has been documented in the recent past for taking part in conversations that were seen by many who overheard to be racially and culturally insensitive.
-In multiple meetings held to mediate tension and possible hostility between a manager and individual members of the Emergency Services team, when employees were asked how they received information that the other was disclosing confidential information or behaving in way which was disrespectful, most indicated that Nancy was the individual passing information.
-Other conversations were held to mediate misunderstanding in the application of certain organizational policies. One such conversation centered on the ES Director's decision in allowing employees who were ill to leave their shift early, or call off prior to their shifts. Upon investigation, the procedure had been applied uniformly. When asked, each employee indicated that
Nancy Wallace had advised them of the others situation and implied inconsistency.
-A series of meetings was held in the past 4 months to resolve communication challenges and strains on the working relationship of the ES Director and the ES Manager. Through this process information came to light in regards to statements made to the ES Manager and documents provided to the ES Manager which were inappropriate and hostile in nature. Statements and documentation included stating that some employees were given assignments in the ES department to act as spies for leadership, prior employees had been terminated for unethical reasons, relationships existed between the ES Director and certain staff members that resulted in favoritism and policies being bent for those favored employees, employees were treated like dogs, and her belief that management exhibited narcissistic tendencies.

Plan of Action to Correct Situation:
-Nancy will be placed on an unpaid suspension for a total of 40 hours of scheduled work
-Mandatory referral to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered by LSS. While confidential in nature, we hope this action will allow Nancy the opportunity to explore appropriate outlets for her workplace stress and related frustrations in addition to assisting her in developing appropriate communication in the workplace. Nancy should provide to Human Resources documentation of her visit to EAP not later than August 8, 2009.
-Complete the following E-Learning coures: Attitudes at Work, Conflict Management, and Effective Communication in the Workplace. These should be completed not later than August 8, 2009.
-Further conduct which reflects the nature of violations indicated here occurs again, further disciplinary action may be taken, up to and including termination of employment.
(I signed with disclainer that I agreed with it.) My reaction sent separately on next submission. Nancy

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