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cooking but not selling outdated chicken at a grocery store

by Pam Mueller
(House Springs MO usa)

I came into work on Jan. 7, 2009 and was greeted by a very angry supervisor of dierbergs kitchen and was told that there was outdated chicken in the walk in and went about my day and they called me in a office and i told me i was suspended until further investigation and i was call the next day to set a meeting for fri. were i was fired and i was in the union and there was no union rep. in the meeting to we filed a grevenince and it ended up with them giving me a $3000.00 settlement so we would not take it to arbortration, but they denied my unemployment and there were other 2 other stores that had outdated chicken also and no one else got fired and there were people in my store that used the same outdated chicken and no one else that used it got a write up or anything

Hi Pam,

Appeal. Were you the manager? Can you prove others were aware and should have also been disciplined?

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