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corporate dismissing most managers while I have been on medical leave

by kimberly

I have not quit , but prior to me leaving on FMLA the corporation let go of the administrator due to she was told by corporate to dismiss me and the maintenence man due to us costing them to much money, the corporation then gave her notice to leave her employment, upon her leaving she told me to watch my back. Then since i have been on medical leave a new administrator took over she gave me a very good annual review for she worked with me at the facility for two years she was in the business office and got her degree in administration the corporation let her go 1 1/2 weeks later after I went on medical leave, we are on our third administrator she has fired the maintenence man , and I am to go back to work on 8-24-10 1/2 days, I feel as though I will be next due to all the changes and people getting fired or quitting while I have been gone.I am still under doctors care until 9-20-10

Right now, the only advice I can give you is to tell you to PROTECT YOURSELF!

If written up for a rule violation .. counter document either on the available space for "employee comments" or somewhere near your signature, "Please see attached response, to be placed in my personnel file with this unwarranted reprimand"

An employee should not act like a school child sent to the principal's office when they've done nothing wrong.

Employer's play the "unemployment game" well .. even when there is no misconduct involved .. they simply create the a convincing illusion of it.

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