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Could not afford teacher certification program, deemed unqualified to teach - was not hired. Can I collect unemployment?

by Kelii Makanani
(Waianae, Hawaii)

In Hawaii, the DOE will hire temporary teachers (TT) who will pursue a teacher certification/license within three years of the TT hiring date. I could not afford to pay tuition to enter a teacher certification program in Hawaii; therefore, on the third year since my TT date, I was required to be enrolled in a full time teacher certification program or lose my eligibility to be rehired. Hence, I lost my rehiring status and the DOE did not hire me on the third year of my TT status. Can I collect unemployment for this situation?

I'm not certain, but if I follow my instincts and what I do know about unemployment .. I'd say no because you were made aware of what would be required to maintain employment and just a guess, but I'd think you signed some sort of agreement to this effect.

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