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CTB Qualifying Programs

by veemaree
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

CTB Qualifying Programs

I was on unemployment for 9 months and was granted CTB. I got an AS degree in CIS: Network Management and was then hired for a 12 month contract.

My contract is coming to an end and I would like to get a BA in Communications from CSUS. I'm not seeing that this is an approved program/school and I don't know whether it would fall under the EDD CTB qualifications.

I'd like to continue going to school for the 6 months I am required to not work at my employer for (they are planning on rehiring me for another 12 month contract).

Am I gonna be stuck putting around the house for 6 months? Is there any alternative?


There has to be alternatives .. because putting is not allowed while collecting unemployment benefits .. unless state approved.

Forget the CTB's for a moment and focus, for a moment on when a person can putt or putter around the house and collect unemployment benefits.

When and if a state has a special drop down option that says something like .. 'job attached'.

Also putting around the house may not be a physical possibility for some, but I'm sure it would be allowed and not disqualifying when collecting California Temporary Disability unemployment benefits.

It's great the employer plans on offering you another contract in 6 months .. but in the meantime you're unemployed and you have two choices as far as I can tell.

You either get approved, yet again, for CTB's for whatever it is you want to learn regardless of what school it is .. And as you know ,, this will probably suspend you from the job search.

Or .. you don't get approved and you comply with the requirement of being able and available for any suitable work that comes your way while complying with the requirements of looking for work.

And possibly .. just possibly .. you look into other means to finance and complete the education you want while still complying with the requirements of the able and available and job search conditions .. while going to school.

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