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by anonymous

i was fired because i said a bad word after hanging up a call was denied benefits...this only happened one time, will i win my hearing

I don't know .. will you?

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I was fired for violating company policy
by: Anonymous

I was fired for violating company policy. I was fist suspended til further review then contacted 3 days later by employee to advise I was terminated after their review. The company doen't allow overtime and I worked past my time so in order to cerrect my time I took an extended lunch in the company's breakroom to even out my time as many employees have done but yet only I was repramanded for this and ultimatly fired. Now my unemployment has been denied for violating company policy. Also due to being short staffed and overwhelmed with new job duties led to me having to stay late in order to complete my work if not I would be written up again for violating another policy but was singled out by boss because I was the only one that was constantly watched on these issues. Please help with some advise on how to file an appeal with twc for denial.

Here's your question:

How can you show that you were singled out and that this practice of extending lunch breaks to make up for time you stayed late the day before was being condoned by the employer for other people.

How do you convince the unemployment department or an unemployment appeal hearing officer that the employer does not, as a practice uniformly enforce this policy they fired you for?

Now go talk to a hearing rep and ask them what they think.

will i win
by: Anonymous

that answer really doesn't help me at all.

Well, your question presumed that I could answer you without knowing more than you were willing share with me about what happened .. aside from you saying a "bad" word.

You might as well have gone to a shopping mall and conducted a survey if all you wanted was a yes or no answer.

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