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cut to part time and now suffering abusive boss

by Susan
(Los Altos, Ca)

My job was cut from a salaried full time to a salaried 20 hour part time job. My boss is very abusive, foul, she screams at me and points her finger at my face. I have not been fired, but I want out. Should I apply for unemployment now for the part time reduction? Eventually, this will come to an end. I won't do anything intentionally to be fired, but, I think it's coming (I almost hope!) I am a single parent and need to support my kids. I am very actively seeking other sources of income in the meantime, but might need unemployment to carry me over. It's horrible. A fresh hell every day. She went so bezerk on me yesterday, I vomited.

Hi Susan,

YES!! You should file for California Partial unemployment.

To understand what partial unemployment is see table 3-9 in this chart book published by the United States DOL. It shows how each state including California treats partial unemployment.

I wish you great success in finding a new job with a pleasant...or at least a boring, uneventful work environment so you can concentrate on what's really important to you...your kids.

A job should enable us to live our life, not make us vomit. You are a better person than I would be in the same circumstances...

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I feel for you Susan!
by: Anonymous

I have a boss that is like that with me also. She is always telling me that I have to work when someone else calls in "because I don't have kids". Every time she says this, I get so angry! Just because I don't have kids,(which has NOTHING to do with my job), does not mean I do not have a life! I wish you luck in finding a better boss.

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