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cyber bullying from customers force to quit

by ania

i have been getting threats from a customer and i don't feel safe with this company. i have addressed this problem and i am having trouble sleeping and my health is being affected. what this customer is doing is having conversations on facebook and saying things out of anger and feeding it to other customers. as a result the comments are they want to wait for me after work and cut my head off. throw me in the dumbster and offer to do it i don

t want to return and i am afraid i have to quit.


I assume you can prove this and I also assume you have went to the employer to seek assistance in getting this harassment by customers to stop?

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Aug 23, 2010
by: Peggy Marie Johnson

After reading your comments to Chris I was wondering if you had reported this to Facebook since they do have a policy that is strict with problems that you are indicating. That website I cancelled my profile last November since I don't think that it is healthy in many ways & comments people are making are getting them fired from their employers & I have also heard other negative feedback, etc..(this didn't happen to me for the record) What I'm saying is report this abuse if it is effecting you like it is. People don't need that website to stay in touch with friends. Your real friends know how to get a hold of you!

Best of luck to you!

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