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Dealing With Florida Unemployment Is So Frustrating!

by Rachel
(Jacksonville, FL)

Ok, I had applied for Florida unemployment a couple times, and they kept telling me that I didn't have enough wages to qualify, or some stupid thing like that.

Anyways, they finally approved me in July. Then in September I had a baby. They told me that I was not eligible for unemployment because I technically wasn't able to work. Ok, that's fine.

I faxed them my doctor's note releasing me to go back to full time work on Oct. 5th, 2010.... Here it is December, and they are...I don't know what they are doing... Every time I call to get an update, it seems like they either don't know what they are talking about or they won't give me a straight answer... They can't even tell me when they started reviewing my claim. Half the time they say they do see my doctor's note and that it is in my file, and the rest of the time they say they don't see it at all.... This is ridiculious!

As if trying to find a job being a female welder is hard enough... I am about a hair's breath from living in me car...again... This time with a baby....

Hi Rachel,

It is ridiculous, so I suggest you contact the Florida Attorney General

Other visitors to this site have related stories of success by doing so.

It seems that is the only thing in Florida that has succeeded in giving FLUID (this acronym makes me wonder if the fluid is molasses) a swift kick in the behind.


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