Deductable Income and Unemployment Benefits

by Carrie
(Indiana Unemployment)

Deductable Income and Unemployment Benefits

I was laid of work but will be receiving a separation and vacation pay. I immediately filed for unemployment, but they say it is going to be delayed until they hear from my employer concerning the separation pay, because of the deductible income.

My question is: Will I be able to receive unemployment if I am going to receive separation and vacation pay? Also, the separation and vacation pay will only pay my bills for a few months, then what?


Hi Carrie,

When vacation pay and separation or severance pay are deductible from benefits .. it is usually equated to weeks of pay. Many states do postpone payment of benefits .. for dismissal pay of any kind and vacation pay, of course this is also state specific. But, it does not prohibit you from collecting when that time frame has passed.

Considering that the maximum duration of unemployment benefits is 26 week during 1 full benefits year .. most people will be able to collect unemployment benefits at some point during their benefit year unless the separation pay amounted to an entire twelve months of salary and I doubt that happens very often.


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Oct 03, 2014
Severance Issues
by: Anonymous

I received a mere $600 in severance when I was laid off on 8/15. It is now October, and this severance has apparently delayed any type of unemployment benefits I am entitled to. I have been paid nothing to date while the severance is being "verified." I faxed over proof of severance, but that has not helped. Unbelievable.

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