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defending myself against accusations and calling my supervisor a lier?

by Denise
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

Out of work for 6 weeks due to foot surgery. Second day back to work I received an excellent evaluation, but was told that I made too much money. I would not receive an increase for 2009 or 2010. Three weeks later, my supervisor accused me of poor work performance and not wanting to do work for one of my supervisors. I said the accusations were not true, he asked if I was calling his associate a lier, I said yes, he said "You're fired."

I was denied unemployment benefits because of "gross misconduct." It has now been 10 weeks that I have been out of work.


If things happened exactly like you said .. you should not have any trouble proving that the employer was looking for anything to get rid of you with.

I guess my question is why the unemployment department has determined that a direct answer to a direct question is itself misconduct and gross misconduct to boot.

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