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Denial of Job transfer

by Katrina
(West Chester Ohio USA)

I am currently employed full-time in the state of Ohio. In the past 7 months my family has suffered financial hardship. My husband lost his job and suffered major medical issues and still is unemployed. During this time we have received no compensation for his unemployment.

My work has been fully aware of my situation and have been very supportive. We had to put up our home for sale because we no longer could afford to maintain it. My Father has supplemented our income so we would not lose our home during this time. My work even set up a fund so we could pay the mounting medical bills.
We finally sold our home and are moving out of state to be by family and in a more affordable housing market. I myself can not afford to obtain a housing on my income in this area and pay medical bills.
I have requested a job transfer into the State of Florida where my family is and housing is affordable for us. I have called the Management and visited the stores and Hr down in Florida. I was told that they are only part-time people being accepted if at all. I explained that I have have life events that the company usually supports this type of transfer. My store manger has gone to bat for me with management in Florida also with no outcome.
The company is adopting new policy of only hiring part-time seasonal people with no benefits paid out. The Newspaper stated last week that they are hiring 100 new part-time people in that market. I am a five year employee with
experience and they are already paying my benefits under the company umbrella.
I have not written out any notice of resignation or date of leaving. I have contacted Corporate HR in writing to ask why I don't qualify for a life event transfer.
My question is in the end will I be a possible candidate for unemployment? If am being denied a transfer and moving from Ohio to Florida can I apply?
I have two weeks still no job transfer and will no longer have a home in Ohio. I can not maintain two residents in two states.

Hi Katrina,

Considering that the company you work for does have such a transfer policy .. you may be able to assert that the reason for quitting was directly attributable for the employer since you have gone to such great lengths to get a transfer and are being denied in spite of company policy for circumstances such as yours.

Please, just make sure you have the documentation to prove your efforts. Get any statements that might also be beneficial .. maybe one from the supervisor who has gone to bat for you.

Print emails, save letters, job ads .. anything and everything that may help you.

Although quitting in Ohio for financial hardship is not good cause .. the quit may be found with good cause if you can prove you made the effort to continue working for this employer .. because they had the policy and the ability to give you a transfer.

Doing these types of things shift the burden back to the employer .. at least that is the theory and the goal.

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