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Denial of UI and should I appeal?


Question about denial of unemployment and if I should appeal

I quit my job after the duties changed. I was to coach a program I did not feel I was qualified for: diabetes as well as upon hire agreed on flex weel options on every other week I had custody of my children work 35 hors and 45 hors following week I did not. They took that away after a year, and between overtime due to being understaffed and not having the flex week was making it hard to take care of the kids. The day I quit my boss yelled at me in front of another about my computer crashing and being behind an hour due to that. After all I had put up with, this was last straw as I worked my tail off for them. I filed and was denied. I have two days left to appeal, is it worth it? As a single mom, i would not have quit if it wasn't for all these changes.

Come on .. let's just focus on the reason you quit. It was because your boss yelled at you which had something to do with your computer crashing and putting you behind.

Right, wrong or indifferent this is what the unemployment department will see as the motivation for the quit and why .. I ask if this yelling was a commonplace occurrence at work and if it was, whether you sought any sort of resolution to the problem of your boss harassing or yelling at you? Or did you ever bring your scheduling concerns to light since you are a single Mom.

What can you prove about efforts to "preserve" the employment?

I do not tell people not to appeal .. I tell everyone that you can appeal if you want to and that when you are on the fence to appeal just to save your appeal rights.

If you change your mind and decide not to pursue and unemployment appeal hearing .. you can withdraw the appeal when you receive the Notice of Hearing.

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