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Denied access to unemployment

by Paige
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I was laid off in March 08 and collected unemployment for 26 weeks plus 13 weeks extension. I have been seeking employment diligently! I have even moved in with family because I have not been able to find a job. I am doing odd jobs to make ends meet but these are cash paid jobs and are not reported. I was approved for a second filing - told that I had over $9,000 in unemployment benefits available to me. However I have been denied access to this money because I have not worked for another employer 240 hours or 30 days. This is not my fault. While I am still applying and interviewing for salaried positions - I have applied for hourly positions and no one is hiring. This is an 'old rule' - before the current recession. I really could use the unemployment money that I am due. I worked for 10 weeks in 2008 and made over $16,000. I have not worked since. All of my savings and 401k are gone. I am very desperate.

Hi Paige,

240 hours or 30 days of work is Virginia's requirement to establish a "New Benefits Year".

Anyone can see what a state requires to establish a new benefit year in Table 3-4 ( this is located at the USDOL and the link to all possible issues is here.

It may be an Old Rule, but it is still the rule.

If you'd like to know the lame reason these rules have been established .. scroll up above the table. It explains they don't just want us to sit on our duffs and collect unemployment and then be able to collect on the wages in the "lag period" without first showing our willingness to work.

This is probably not a bad idea in good economic times, but your situation clearly shows how it is damaging in the present time.

I'm truly sorry for your situation, but I don't see anyway to overcome it until you return to work for at least 240 hours and then have a "qualifying separation from a job. It's an irony because once you do find another job ... who wants to lose it??

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