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Denied because I quit for too many hours!

by Christina
(NC but filed in MA)

I was a manager for a restaurant. I transferred from MA to NC when my husband took a job transfer. I was hired at salary for 5 days a week for 50-55 hours. When I started work in NC I soon found out that the job was not what they had portrayed. I worked on average 65-70 hours a week (and that was the low end). I was made to come in on my days off as well for meetings and inventory when it stated those would not be mandatory on days off when i was hired. I also was not told of the dangers of the location. We had an off duty police officer as security on Friday and sat nights in a family restaurant because the area was prone to crime. I had a drug deal go down on our property where the officer arrested the dealer who had a gun on him. I had an employee and a patron pull out switch blade knives during my shifts and the police had to be called. My GM would also send sexually explicit texts to me as well. (He was fired a week before I quit for other reasons) I have 4 daughters at home - 2 in daycare and 2 in school. I was always at work. I talked to my boss about the hours and he kept saying to wait it out and it would get better. I finally quit after 8 months when a manager was fired and we were told we were going to have to work even longer hours than we already were. I asked about a leave of absence but had to be with the company longer than I had been. My husband was threatening to leave me because of the work hours too! I had no other option but to quit. I filed for unemployment in MA as I have benefit wages there. I currently live in NC and my job was in NC. I was denied benefits because my rep stated that I quit because I did not like the hours my employer required me to work - but I wasn't hired for 7 days a week for 65-70 hours so could I win an appeal?

Sorry, as stated, I am not accepting new unemployment questions about quitting at this time.

If you would like to speak with me, I am available for consultations
, however I would prefer to speak to anyone prior to them becoming the moving party .. to better serve what's in your best interests.

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