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Denied because of school schedule after 6 weeks of claims.

by Brandon
(South Carolina)

I had made claims every week for about a month and a half now. I was at the unemployment office last Friday because of an issue that was resolved that day. 3 days later I got a letter in the mail telling me to call the claims office. The woman told me that I was being denied benefits because of my school schedule. I was wondering why they put me through all this stuff just to tell me 6 weeks later that i'm ineligible because of my school schedule? Why wouldn't they say that in the beginning?

Hi Brandon,

I have no ideas except to tell you to appeal based upon the information I read for treatment of students )collecting unemployment in South Carolina (table 5-12.

South Carolina is strictly, what is known as an attorney state when it comes to unemployment.

They even refuse to deal with third party administrators (which is what I worked for).

So generally speaking .. it's what I call a blackhole when it comes to dealing with a state .. because they refused to talk to me .. even to request a postponement.

So, given what it says in that table .. I would think you could receive unemployment, but now I'm wondering if you didn't say something that led them to believe you wouldn't take a job if it required you to quit school or if your school schedule prohibits you from seeking "suitable work" .. or whether you are not applying for jobs.

How the heck did they learn the specifics of your school schedule? Did you fax it to them:)


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Nov 29, 2010
school schedule
by: Brandon

They asked me for my school schedule and I told them what it was. The thing is that I worked full time my last two jobs while going to school. It feels like they are trying to trap student by asking if I go to school just to deny me.

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