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Denied benefits, school is during customary work hours.

by Cameron
(The Sunshine State Florida)

The thing i am studying for is not available in night school. Solar technology does not really lend its hand to night school students. In Florida we have a lot of sun and day light hours and most of it is wasted on empty roof tops. My class is 7 1/2 months. I could have gone to a private school for 40 hours and wasted the tuition and finance charges on an incredibly hard test to get a certificate. I chose to go to a public school for a longer amount of time so i could pass the exam. A PELL grant was available and with a learning disability this is my best chance for my prosperity in a booming field. the test has a FAILURE RATE OF 87% for first time takers. School is from 7:30 to 12:45 there is time in a day for a full time telemarketing job but with L.D.s and a touch of ADHD this a recipe for failure and poor performance in both prospects.

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Mar 23, 2013
I too live in the Sunshine State and going to school
by: Anonymous

I had the same question in one of my post here.
I too live in Florida, and go to school as well, but I made sure to follow the Dept. of Labor laws in Florida, it clearly states that one will not be denied benefits if going to school as long at it is not during working hours. This may make no sense, since one can work at night, but those are the rules. While I look for work, I take an online course and a class that starts exactly at 7:05 pm. In the event that they will deny me benefits, I will point them out to the website stating that I am allowed to work.
I am sorry you are having this issue, but I am not sure how you can resolve this problem, hopefully Chris has a good idea on this.
Good luck.

Mar 23, 2013
To Anonymous in Florida .. Chris Doesn't Know How to Help Cameron
by: Chris - Unemployment-tips

Hi Anonymous,

I'd of liked to of helped Cameron, but he didn't ask a question that gave me an opportunity to help.

For me, it's was a tale of warning of what can happen.

He explained (when you read between the lines) why he was in fact, denied unemployment benefits. He wasn't able to prove he was looking for suitable work. And if he had been, why making himself able and available to accept it would interfere with his plans to become prosperous in the solar energy field .. even if he had been conducting a job search .. refusing suitable work is a no no because work trumps school as far as the UI dept. is concerned.

The certification program for which a Pell grant could of been received sounds like it was opted out of. This route might of allowed him to be qualified for state approved training and possibly what could of temporarily suspended any enforcement of the unemployment eligibility requirement to search for a job and accept suitable work when offered .. That is the claimant's personal responsibility to explore.

I never have suggestions to help when I know the gist of the story is to find ways to continue maneuvering around a problem with additional choices intended to color outside the lines of the eligibility rules.

No one asks me for that sort of stuff until it's too late to help anyway with proactive advice to stay within the confines of the rules to collect.

End of story.

Suitable work for Cameron could of been any type of work he felt capable of applying for .. heck telemarketing would of worked, But, it would of also reduced his benefit amount and taken time away from his intensive studies .. given his learning disabilities.

His story, was full of one personal justification after another for breaking the rules, but the difference between his situation now and say a merit issue on a job separation .. is there's no one else to look at to find where the fault really lies .. and he admitted his fault here.

Sorry if anyone thinks this sounds harsh, but I am not a miracle worker.


Apr 02, 2013
All is right with the world!
by: Cameron

Thank you so very much Chris. Taurence J. did it! He was worth every penny. Stand up to the pencil pushers, present your case with advice from a pro, and you will prevail! Wrench turners of the world unite and fight back!!!

That's wonderful Cameron. I wish I had a way to just move comments .. I'd make it a comment on TJ's profile page.

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