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Denied bennies....need to earn 2100 in Bona fide work

by bSirius
(Santa Monica)

I am very curious in the state of california what constitutes bona fide work exactly? 2 years ago i was fired but was then immediately hired by a neighbor, made a couple of hundred dollars and filed and collected. Was that wrong or was that bona fide. I can't find a definition that helps me figure out what I need to do.

Thanks so much for the help. I love your site and what you are doing for folks

Hi bSinus,

Love your Kitty. Bona Fide work .. ya what is it?

I went to the EDD and used the search box. It came back with this fact sheet.

If you do read this, you might notice that almost everything is "bona fide" work, but in actuality .. if your neighbor paid you 200 bucks way back when they should have reported it to the state.

Come on, this just doesn't happen. Did you do something wrong? I don't know.

I think this page at the EDD explains what "bona fide work is.

But most states are like this. They want their fingers not in just some pies, but all pies.

As far as what is "covered employment" for unemployment benefit purposes in whatever state someone is asking about I use the USDOL to find out click the current year and then coverage. Covered employment means and employer is required to pay UI tax on earnings irregardless of how they pay you.

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Nov 17, 2009
by: bsirius

I didn't mean you wouldn't want to hear my story and I am grateful that you do this work and that this venue exists. It certainly has helped me out and untold numbers of others. I just have a long and convoluted story that will take me some time to sit down and write which I will soon.

Thanks so much,


I'm waiting ... hurry up:))

Nov 13, 2009
re:bennies denied
by: bsirius

i'm not following the "come on, this doesn't just happen". I'm not sure what you mean but what a wealth of info! And what great tools. I hardly have any money but ill donate with paypal. I don't suppose you want to hear my benefit denial story.

Thanks again,


Oh, it's Bsirius:) I wear very thick reading glasses.

Let me get the come on comment out of the way.

If you take that pdf literally, I think it say that a neighbor who hires their unemployed neighbor to do yard work and pays them more than 100 dollars .. becomes an employer.

Why would you suppose I don't want to hear your denial story .. that's what I do .. hear stories of denied unemployment.

As far as donating .. hardly anyone donates to this site .. at least certainly not enough to accomplish what I would do with donations. I never intended to support myself with donations .. for that I provide consultations to those that can afford to pay.

If I ever collect enough donations .. I would use the money to offer something back .. somehow .. to those who do visit.

For those that hardly have any money .. I try to help by directing them to useful information .. when I know where to find it.

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